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Privacy Policy

Dianne Bailey, the Counsellor, is committed to complying with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to the responsible and secure use of your data.  The purpose of this statement is to let you know what personal information is collected, why data is collected, how long it is stored and your rights over your personal data.


Dianne Bailey is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), reference C1366975 .


Information about you


  • I collect personal information from you when you enquire about my counselling services to set up an initial appointment. This information includes contact details, your availability and any other relevant personal information you wish to share. Once a client finishes Counselling, all data regarding their Counselling is stored securely for 7 years and then destroyed.

  • I also ask for an address in the collection of details, this is to ensure I can get help to you (even when providing an online service) if you become ill or require urgent medical attention during our session.


Use of this information


  • Your data will be used only to provide you with my services and to give you information relating to my services. I will not share your details with any other person or organisation without your knowledge and permission unless there is a legal or medical requirement as stated in the counselling contract.




  • I will take all reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information you give me.

  • Communications in connection with this service may be sent by email. For ease of use and compatibility, emails will not be sent in an encrypted form unless you require it and give me permission to do so. Email, unless encrypted, is not a fully secure means of communication. Whilst I endeavour to keep my systems and communications protected against viruses with regular virus scans and being watchful with what I receive, I cannot bear responsibility for all communications being virus-free.


Your rights over your personal data


  • If you would like to see the information I hold about you or would like to correct, update or delete any records, please email 

  • If you have any concerns about my use of your data, please contact me directly at and I will do my utmost to resolve any concerns you have.  If for any reason, I cannot resolve the issues you may choose to contact the ICO directly.


Contact & Social


  • Contact between sessions is not recommended, however, if you want to email me a diary entry, artwork or a photograph to use in the following session you are welcome to do so. In these circumstances, I will acknowledge receipt of your communication but I will not comment on it.

  • I do not initiate or accept personal Social Networking ‘Friend Requests’ from clients, as this can compromise the confidential and therapeutic nature of the counselling relationship. 

  • I will not make it known that I know or recognise you should we meet in a public space unless you approach me, this is to ensure your confidentiality.

Complaints Procedure

  • I would greatly appreciate it if you could talk to me if have any complaints and I will do my best to resolve any problem.

  • If you feel unable to do so you can follow the COSCA complaints procedure here.

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